Behind The Scenes with Le Theatre de Marionette

All of the puppets, scenery, props, and staging for our shows are constructed by our team of artists.  It requires (on average) about 4 weeks to construct one marionette.   Scenery elements are built to the show specifications.  All shows are adapted from original storybook tales to the puppet stage by our writers.  All shows are recorded by our talented team of voice artists and the final soundtrack created by adding the sound effects and music.

Our production studio is located near Denton, TX.  All of our costumes for the marionettes are created by the talented team at Costumes by Dusty, Arlington, TX.  The sound recordings are created and directed by Todd Haberkorn in Hollywood, California.

Total time to create a single production ranges from six months to two years.

Our Artform . Centuries in the Making.

Go behind the scenes in this quick video that tells about Le Theatre and how they create shows for children and families.