Performance and Travel Area for Texas

Dallas / Fort Worth Greater Area

All of our touring shows and workshops are available for single and multiple date performances within the greater DFW area.  All pricing in our published catalog is valid for the highlighted green areas.

Geppettos Theater

Texas Touring

Within 180 Miles of Dallas: All CABARET touring shows and workshops are available for SAME-DAY travel/performance when show time is scheduled for 12:00PM  - 7:00PM.   We will travel up to 180 miles from DALLAS with no overnight charges.  (See shaded red area) .  Travel fee is rated at $1 mile/RT and added to any base performance fee.

Over 180 Miles from Dallas: All touring shows and workshops are available for touring to all parts of Texas.  For locations over 180 miles or for shows scheduled before 12:00 PM, we require a travel / set-up day.   Please submit a quote request so we may properly quote an accurate fee.  Remember, financial support is available to all non-profits through the Texas Commission of the Arts.

Le Theatre de Marionette

LTDM Entertainmant


3200 Mississippi Ave

Fort Worth, TX  76110